She is Different – Mufti Menk

1. She is FOCUS upon Allah’s pleasures. Focus in earning jannah. Ask everyday everymorning: what are we focus on?

2. She BELIEVES that Allah loves her so much. Always convinced in the power of Allah

3. She BELIEVES firmly in taqdir, never questions Allah

4. She is PURE. Pure heart, pure mind, pure speech, pure companionship. No jealousy no hatred no love for the dunya etc. Heart and mind are the most powerful organ Allah gives her. She’ll never allow anyone else besides Allah to control it. Her heart belongs to Allah

5. She WORKS HARD. To serve Allah, husband, family, ummah •

6. She is NOT ENSLAVED by anything (trends). She is ORIGINAL

she is different

~Thanks @thifal pernah share ini di suatu pagi yang indah~

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